Where do training sessions take place?

Training sessions can take place anywhere you are comfortable with. We can train in a commercial gym (additional fee might be required), at your home, in a public park or in our trainer’s home gym. The answer to this question might be more related to your current shape and goals, so that we can adapt accordingly.

Do I have to have a gym membership?

No, not necessarily. Our program design will take in consideration the equipment that is available so you can accomplish your goals no matter the location.

Do I need to buy lots of equipment to train at home?

No, not necessarily. We will design the program according to what equipment you have available. We can suggest equipment according to your goals and can even help you design and build your home gym if you desire so.

What is your cancellation policy?

We require the industry standard of 24 hours notice for Personal Training Sessions to be rescheduled or canceled. This strict policy has a dual intention, first, because time is money. If you book a training session and cancel last minute, then the trainer will not be able to book anyone else in that time. But second, and more important, it helps you, the client, to be commited and motivated to accomplish your goals. If you never miss your sessions, we guarantee you will achieve the best results possible.

Am I locked into a long term commitment?

No, not really. You will only be charged for the period you have contracted and you can cancel anytime. You only need to talk to the trainer and he will take care of it.

What do you do with my data?

Although not a medical profession, in Solstizio we follow the HIPAA guidelines. We will never disclose your information to anyone other than yourself or your authorized representatives without consent. This means that we will not use your photos or stats for social media postings or sell your information, unless you have authorized us in writing.

What if I have a pre-existing injury or condition?

During the first session any pre-existing injuries should be discussed with the personal trainer so he can modify the program to best address that issue.  If the injury or condition is something that would jeopardize the safety of the client while exercising, a medical clearance may be requested from the client’s physician.

How much does the program cost?

Because the program would be personalized to your needs, the investment required may vary. The base price is 60$ per in-person session, but it would reduce depending on the number of sessions you acquire in advance. Online training is defined on weeks, with a base price of 100$ per week, reducing depending on the number of weeks you acquire in advance. For programming only, the price starts on 100$ for a phase (Typically 4 weeks) but will change depending on goals and duration of the program.

How many times per week should I exercise?

The number of sessions with a personal trainer really depends on your personal goals and time availability. Although personal training programs are an investment, the fitness experience shouldn’t create more stress for you. Our recommendation is to go for at least 3 times per week in order to achieve optimum results, but your personalized program will take in consideration the time you have available for exercising.

What can I expect on my first session with the trainer?

The first session is typically where the fitness assessments and goal settings are agreed upon. We will weigh and measure you, run a few postural and movement assessments and perform a Rockport Walk test to measure your VO2 Max. depending on your goals, we may include other specific assessments related to them. At the end of the assessments, we would discuss your current condition and set up measurable and trackable goals. The trainer would then take all this information to design the most optimum program for you.

What is a typical training session like?

Most sessions will be consistent of:

  • Warm-up: Including of corrective exercises for injuries and postural imbalances. Typically foam rolling, stretching and activation movements
  • Resistance Training: Your main workout section, including of different body weight or weighted movements.
  • Cool-Down: Foam roll and stretching for the main muscle groups worked on the day.

What if I like/don’t like certain types of exercises?

Our Blueprint Model can be adapted to different exercise strategies. We can definitely accomodate your preferences in the type of exercises you enjoy. We will not force you to lift weights or run for miles and miles if you don’t enjoy it. Conversely, if you enjoy Pilates or TRX or Crossfit, we will definitely shape your exercises accordingly. We will keep the exercise program entertaining and engaging for your preferences.

Does the Nutrition Plan work for my dietary restrictions?

That is why it is a Personalized Nutrition Plan. We will take in consideration your dietary restrictions, allergies and/or preferences. In fact, our Personalized nutrition plan is far from a “normal” cookie-cut diet. We teach you principles and help you develop habits in order to help you succeed not only during our program, but for your whole life. No matter your dietary preferences.

Do you have additional questions?

If you have additional questions, feel free to call, message or email us. You can also use the Contact us form with your questions. We will respond typically within 24 hours.